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Therapeutic Specialty Designation Application

International Specialty Designation Application

(only for those applying for professional membership)

IECA consultants who wish to include Therapeutic (T) in their IECA Directory listing are required to complete this additional application.

Please note that the required expertise to work with therapeutic students may be acquired after admission into IECA and the “T” listing will be added when appropriate.

Therapeutic consulting includes advising clients on those schools and programs usually referred to as therapeutic, residential treatment, and emotional growth schools and/or variations of the following kinds of facilities.

The following represent different and distinct therapeutic facilities:

IECA Therapeutic Specialty Designation Application
Street Address: 

1. Comment briefly about the kinds of programs in which you are qualified to offer advice and guidance (see list above).

2. How many years have you worked with therapeutic clients?

3. Describe the types of therapeutic clients you have helped and indicate how many therapeutic clients you have placed.

4. How many therapeutic institutions have you visited and assessed during the past five years?
List institution names

5. Describe your educational training in the mental health/psychology/counseling area.

6. Do you have an understanding of psychological testing?

a) List the tests you frequently administer and/or interpret:
b) Document your credentials to administer each of these tests (license, certification, etc.).
c) Document with transcripts of academic coursework, certificates of completion for workshops, or references from private credentialed tutors and documented number of training hours.
Upload any supporting material
Valid Formate : .jpg, .png, .gif, .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, zip, rar

Supporting material (except for transcript) may be uploaded here.

7. Describe the protocol you use when determining placement for a therapeutic student.
Questions should be directed to [email protected]

Supporting materials can be mailed to:
Member Services
IECA, 3251 Old Lee Highway, Suite 510, Fairfax, VA 22030
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