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Learning Disabilities Sub-Specialty Designation Application

The Learning Disabilities Sub-Specialty Designation is for IECA Professional members serving students with learning disabilities. The designation (+LD) is a secondary specialty earned only in the primary areas of School (S), College (C), or Therapeutic (T). Those who choose to include the Learning Disabilities designation in their IECA Directory listing are required to complete the supplemental application form.

Learning Disabilities consulting includes advising clients on the following distinct environments: •Schools/colleges/programs
-Whose students all have documented learning disabilities
-That have some students with documented learning disabilities, and have both LD trained staff and educational programs for students who need those services.
-That have some students with documented learning disabilities, and have support services for them such as course selection, time management, support groups, guidance and counseling.

Post-secondary transition programs for students who have learning disabilities and may offer career exploration, interviewing skills, resumé writing, internships, entry level job placement, independent living, and education and training on- or off-site.

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