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Membership Qualifications

IECA offers three categories of membership: Professional, Associate, and Student. Listed below are the requirements for each category to help you determine which is right for you:

The professional membership category is for independent educational consultants who have demonstrated a professional mastery with years of experience. Professional Membership dues are $600 annually.

Professional membership requirements include:

Associate membership is for those new to the field of independent educational consulting, who expect to meet membership requirements within two years, or those who are transitioning into the field of independent consulting from a school or institutional position. Associate members receive many of the benefits of professional membership, excluding listing in the IECA print or online directory. Associate Membership dues are $300 annually.

Associate membership requirements include:

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Student membership is designed for graduate level students studying educational placement counseling or a related field, who are not yet advising students, have not yet established an independent educational consulting practice, and who do not yet qualify for another membership category in the Association. Student Membership dues are $95 annually.

Student membership requirements include:
As a student member, the following programs and services are available to you:

• Student members are not included in the IECA print and online Membership Directory
• Student members may not use the IECA name and logo in online and print materials, nor in signature blocks
• Student members may not participate in policy-making committee meetings, nor do they have voting privileges.

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