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An IECA Consultant Can Help Parents and Children Work Together to Build a Promising Future
In times of crisis, parents are often overwhelmed by a barrage of emotions. The confusion and desperation parents with troubled teen photoassociated with having a troubled teenager or child can be extremely trying. Parents may not be aware of the options available, or may not be able to decide on their own which alternative best meets their situation and the needs of their child. Among the questions consultants often hear: How do we know when treatment is necessary? What would be best for our child? Is an intervention needed? Should we find a residential program? Would a wilderness therapy program be a good choice, or would an emotional growth boarding school be better? An IECA educational consultant can help families find the answers they need.

IECA Member Consultants Are Trained Experts
An independent educational consultant possesses comprehensive knowledge of placement options. Consultants who specialize in helping families with at risk teens have extensive experience working with crisis intervention, dealing with oppositional behaviors, and other emotional/behavioral difficulties, and finding theDad with troubled teenage girl most suitable solutions. IECA educational consultants typically spend 20% of their time on the road visiting and evaluating scores of programs. Only by conducting such visits can a consultant get a good understanding of a facility's strengths, therapy options, and staff expertise.

IECA Member Consultants Will Explore Each Child's or Teen's Unique Needs
What works for one adolescent or pre-teen may not be appropriate for another. The consultant generally interviews both the child and the family to determine individual needs and concerns, often examining test results or consulting with a family therapist, pediatrician, or school psychologist. Getting to know the parents and child in a neutral environment is vital to discovering the best treatment plan. IECA member educational consultants advise you on all facets of your child's care. This professional and confidential assistance can bring long-awaited direction to troubled families.

To find a consultant that specializes in At Risk Teens, go to IECA's Find a Consultant page.