IECA Application to volunteer as a mentor

Thank you for your interest in being matched with an IECA Mentee This experience will be a time of learning and growing for both you and your assigned Mentee. The following questions are meant to help match you with a Mentee whom you can support in area(s) you indicate.

There are several types of mentoring matches:
  1. Managing relationships with students, parents and families.
  2. Direct practice issues, such as researching schools, making lists, writing essays.
  3. Business practices for the independent educational consultant.
  4. Marketing and social media.

Please answer as many as you feel comfortable with, understanding that the more detailed your response, the better the committee will be able to partner you with a mentee in your areas of interest and in meeting your preferences.

Contact Information
Company Name:
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Preferred Number:

Skype Address:
Mentoring Areas of Interest:

In what areas would you like to assist mentees? Check all that apply.

What are your area(s) of practice: Check all that apply

In which of the above area(s) do you prefer to mentor:
Please check the Social Media you use:

What is your preferred method of communication?

How often would you like to be in contact with your mentee?

What motivated you to become a mentor?
Mentor Background
Have you been a mentor in the past?


If Yes,

Length of time as a Professional Member in IECA:
Do you regularly use any of the following social media sites? (Check all that apply)

Briefly describe your prior career experiences.
Information about your practice:
Do you use a college application software management program? 

What is the structure of your business?

What is the structure of your practice? Check all that apply.

Please Read

I have reviewed and completed the Mentor Application and wish to be considered as an applicant to become a Mentor.  I agree to hold in confidence all sensitive material shared by my mentee.

It is expected that you will complete a survey or discuss your experience as a mentor with a member of the mentoring committee at the conclusion of your service.

If you have any questions, contact the IECA office at 703-591-4850

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